Team LEDAROS / Italian design – German engineering



As an Italian-German cooperation our team is comprised of our passionate CEO, Patrik Christ. He combines ideas and visions to create new projects. Always focussing on the consumer and usability of products. His right hand in all projects is Daniela Aileen Bäumler. She is the voice of Ledaros and takes care of our customer service. Marina Hohns, our graphic designer, is in charge of the visual identity in web and print.


In co-work with our two great Italian designers, Valeria Francescato and Matteo Nebiolo, we developped our projects Kyubu and Lumitu.


Valeria designed Lumitu, our modular LED spot system.

Lumitu makes it easy for you to do the most with less products and components. With a retro-fit spot you can use the LED spot in your lighting device or you can transform the spot into a downlight by just screwing it on a frame.

Or use an innovative lampholder and create a beautiful stunning pendant lamp. With Lumitu you have one basic lamp with three possible applications- literally 3 in 1!


Matteo invented the first family of different mountings for Kyubu, the so called “Link” mountings. He is also in part responsible for the optimization of Kyubu to make it the most easy and modular as possible. Kyubu is a modular LED lamp, from the technical inside and also from the visual outside. You can change the outer appearance of Kyubu, the application and the light in colour and LED power.


The two projects Lumitu and Kyubu combine all of our skills, our ideas and our passions. We love what we do and we want to share it with you!

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