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LEDAROS presents a modular LED concept – One for All


An LED luminaire that can be a recessed spot and hanging lamp at the same time and also has standard lamp sockets: This is LUMITU, a newly developed system of individual LED spots in professional quality. Despite the highest quality the price is so attractive that the use even in your own home is worth – or in offices, hotels, restaurants, shops and more. LUMITU offers an adaptable and elegant design, high-quality workmanship and a sophisticated assembling concept that is unequalled on the market.




The same lamp, different base


LUMITU basically consists of an LED spotlight with reflector, which can be converted in many different ways. The base light may for example be plugged into a special E27 socket, so LUMITU will be an efficient yet stylish replacement for incandescent lamps and energy saving lamps. Corresponding bases are also available for MR10 or GU10 sockets. LUMITU may also be in the fortifications of recessed lighting (fixed or adjustable), or be used as a hanging lamp: For the entire household , it only needs a single LED type to meet all lighting tasks – similar to a standard lens for an SLR camera, which with all camera housings from the same manufacturer works. LUMITU has a simple but yet elegant and timeless design. With LUMITU, any extensive lighting systems in the consumer area can be individually designed and extended, without an acquisition price beyond “domestic use”. At the same time LUMITU lights are so rugged and durable that they fit perfectly for extreme service life of LEDs (up to 50,000 operating hours). Also for the commercial sector, LUMITU is an interesting alternative to (far more expensive) lighting systems.




Milestone in the development of LED luminaire


Not only in terms of practicality, but also in technological terms LUMITU is a milestone in the development of modern LED lights. Thus, the number of individual parts the lamp consists of is limited to an absolute minimum, and could during the development process always be “slimmed down”. The actual lamp consists of only a handful of elements: the base, the cover, the cooling body, reflector, protective glass and a frame. The material mainly used is aluminum. New ways are also trod with LUMITU regarding thermal management. Usually, the control electronics of LED spots bases hermetically sealed behind the actual LED, and an associated heat sink prevent possible overheating of the lamp system. ​​However, this – conventional – construction has the disadvantage that the heat in the base accumulates gradually, and as long as LED spots can break anything, it is in most cases to an overheated electronics. With the development of the LUMITU, LEDAROS GmbH breaks the mold: the control electronics and the actual LEDs are thermally separated by an air gap between cover and base, the heated air can escape and there is no heat build-up. The design allows a very small space and the use of powerful LEDs up to 30 watts) that are not too hot even in continuous operation.




Consistent sustainability


The limitation of the components to an absolute minimum, the diverse utility of the same LED-based element, and the virtually unlimited service life make LUMITU also under aspects of sustainability to a flagship product. Instead of existing lamps – such as conversions or renovations – completely to replace and dispose, now the system elements can be, once purchased, individually recombined and continuously be used. Furthermore, the supply of matching – and interchangeable – covers increases in terms of color and material steadily. With a few simple steps an existing cover can be easily and quickly changed: Components are not soldered in contrast to conventional LED systems or glued, but just plugged together. Thus, every user is thanks LUMITU also a designer of his individual light environment. LUMITU offers virtually endless combinations and cost effective expansion options. The LUMITU system is expected to be available in autumn 2014.